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Modern Witnesses: Norbu’s Journey


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This morning in Sunday School, our teacher told us about the country of Bhutan. There are very few Christians living in Bhutan. We need to pray that God will help many people there hear about Him and learn about how much He loves them. I’m going to pray that there will be many strong modern witnesses who will take God’s love to every mountain and valley in Bhutan. Will you pray with me?

Our teacher also gave us a story to read so we could learn more about Bhutan. It’s not a true story, like the ones we’ve read about Christians who live in other countries, but it is a story about what life might be like for one boy whose father gets hurt while they are on a journey. I put a copy of it here so you could read it to! I hope you enjoy it!

Norbu’s Journey

“Dear God, please help all the people in Bhutan to hear how much You love them. Help them love You and share Your love with everyone around them. Thank You that You love every person and sent Jesus to pay for every wrong choice we make. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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