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Modern Witnesses: Yemen

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We learned in Sunday School today about the Queen of Sheba. She came from the ancient land of Sheba, in the southwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Today the area of Sheba is part of the country of Yemen. She came to Solomon, asking him hard questions. When she heard his wise answers, she knew he believed in God, and that God was the One Who had made him so wise.

Today, it is very dangerous for many people in Yemen to ask hard questions about God. Many of them are Muslims, and they can be killed if they choose to believe in Jesus. Christians from other countries are allowed to live in Yemen and worship God as long as they don’t tell the Yemeni people about Him. If they do, they can be killed, too.

Many of the women in Yemen must wear veils that cover everything except their eyes. They are hidden away, not allowed to talk to many people. But they are not hidden from God! God knows each and every person who lives in Yemen, and He wants them to know Him, too.

God’s Word is reaching people in Yemen. Yemeni Christians meet secretly and have to be very careful who they tell about their faith in Jesus, but the people in Yemen who know Jesus are growing. I want to pray that they continue to grow.

“Dear God, please help the people of Yemen to ask questions about You. Help them find You and believe in You, even though it is dangerous. Please protect them and keep them safe. And, please help them—and us—to be ready to answer others when they ask us hard questions about You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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