Hi, I’m Jake!  Welcome to my blog!  I’m ten years old, and I love exploring.  But, since my allowance doesn’t quite cover the cost of airplane tickets, and my mom got really excited last time I mentioned wanting to fly to Mongolia, I guess I’ll have to settle for exploring from home.

I’ve been hearing a lot at Sunday School about people that live in the countries I’ve always wanted to go to.  So, I thought I’d tell you what I’m learning about and find out what you’ve learned.  And, if anyone has ever gone to any of these exciting places, I’d love to hear what you saw and did!

The neatest part, though, is I found out that I can change the world!  Really!  I can change the lives of people in all these cool places by praying for them.  Every time our teacher talks about one of these places, I learn a new way I can pray for someone.  I hope you pray for them, too.

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  1. Hi Jake! I too was fascinated with different places, countries and cultures when I was young! God gave me a heart for the people in India and I have been there 2 times! It was an amazing trip for me! Sometimes it was hard to see the poverty, homeless people and children begging for a rupee ( which would basically be a couple pennies in US money) My most favorite part while I was there was working at the orphanage with the children and to see how happy they are even though they have nothing. I would sing songs with them and teach them the alphabet. I remember there was this little boy names Ravi. Ravi was unlike most kids because he couldn’t walk or talk but man could his smile light up a room!! I had brought this bear with me that sang a song and danced back and forth, Ravi LOVED this bear and played it over and over until the batteries wore out and the bear wouldn’t move any more. Just to have that short time with that bear made him so happy! I also loved the colors and culture of India! Their clothes are so bright and vibrant in color! I really want to go back someday and work there long term but God hasn’t opened up the doors for me to do that yet. I pray that you will continue to pray for others! You will get to see all the places you dream about someday!! God bless!

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