Sundar Singh: Norbu and Kartar (Part Seven)

Missionary Story for Children: Sundar Singh Norbu and Karter Part Seven

This morning, our Sunday School teacher told us what happened to the man who hit Sundar in the head with a rock. Sundar knew the men thought he would be angry and wish for something bad to happen to them, but he knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead, he prayed and asked God to forgive them and then he washed his face and sat down to wait for the blood to stop running from his head. Not much later, the man who had thrown the rock at Sundar fell to the ground. He had the worst headache he had ever had! Sundar knew that everyone would think it was because Sundar had wished something bad to happen to him, so he decided to do something the men would not expect. He went over to where the farmers were working and started doing the other man’s job. He worked alongside of them the rest of the day.

When the day was over, the man who had hurt Sundar invited him to his house. He brought all of the farmers together and Sundar got to tell them about Jesus. The next day, Sundar started on his way to another village, but the man told him to please come back and tell him more the next time he was traveling that way.

Sundar kept walking; he knew God was calling him to preach in Tibet. He met some missionaries in a village who started teaching him the Tibetan language, but it was a hard language, and Sundar knew it would be very difficult for him to learn enough of it to preach to the people. He was so happy when the missionaries decided that another man names Tarnyed Ali who translated for them should go with Sundar on his journey. Together, Sundar and Tarnyed Ali set off for Tibet.

The people in the next village they reached were not happy to hear about God at all. They were angry. They would not let them stay, and they even chased them out of their towns. One night when Sundar and Tarnyed Ali needed someplace to sleep, they found a little hut that appeared to be empty. It didn’t look like anyone was living there, so they went inside for shelter. Not long after they started to settle in, a man appeared at the door. Sundar thought this man must own the house and he quickly apologized. The man explained that the house was abandoned; he just stopped for a rest and some shelter sometimes while he was traveling, just like Sundar and Tarnyed Ali were doing. They all sat together around the fire and began to talk. Sundar hoped he could tell him about Jesus.

The man said his name was Norbu. He told them he had known another man who used to be a Sikh and had left his family and everything he had to follow Jesus and tell others about Him. His name was Kartar, and just like Sundar, he traveled from village to village. Many people didn’t want to listen to him and chased him from their villages. In one village, they arrested him and sentenced him to die. They treated him terribly and he suffered a great deal, but no matter what they did, Kartar kept praying and singing to God. He wanted to use every last breath to tell people about how much Jesus loved them. Just before he died, he wrote a verse in the front of his Bible. Later that day, he died.

But because of the way Kartar had died, not afraid and not wanting revenge on the people who were hurting him, the personal assistant of the leading religious man in the village—the leader who had sentenced Kartar to die—took the Bible and started to read it. Then he started telling others about Jesus. The religious leader was so angry! Killing Kartar was supposed to end all this talk about Jesus, but instead more people wanted to hear. When he found out it was his own assistant who was spreading the truth about God, he was really angry!

We have to wait until next week to find out what happened to the man!

“Dear God, please help us to have good friends who love You and want to obey You, like Sundar did. Just like he and Samuel traveled together for a while, and Sundar and Tarnyed Ali walked and preached together, please help us to see the friends You have sent to us and please help us to be a true friend to them and to others. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

You can print today’s missionary story about Sundar Singh here.

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