Gift for Mother’s Day


My mom is pretty cool. I don’t want to get all mushy or anything, but she’s always doing things for everyone else. Like the time there were four pieces of pie and five people sitting at the table. Guess who decided not to have a piece of pie? Mom. Or the time the car broke down and she skipped lunch so she had time to walk to a friend’s house and borrow a car just to take us to the movie she’d promised we’d go see. So this year, I wanted to do something special for her. We took care of her all day, made her lunch and did the dishes, and all that stuff, but I wanted to do something else, something to surprise her.

That’s when it hit me. Mom iss always doing things for other people. Maybe there was something I could do to help someone else.

Mom always says it doesn’t take a lot of money to help someone, just a lot of love. In Sunday School this morning, we talked about missionaries in Asia who want to tell other people about Jesus. It’s a big help to them to have Gospel tracts to give them so the people can read and learn more about Jesus, even after the missionary leaves. It doesn’t cost very much to print the tracts. Just $1 is enough to print 200 tracts. So tonight, I decided. I’ll put my $10 in my Bible and take it to church with me next week. Then I’ll give it all to help the missionaries. My gift will go to help someone else, who will use it to help lots of people. My $10 will help a missionary tell 2,000 people about Jesus and how much He loves them!

I think that sounds like the kind of gift that both my mom and Jesus will like. What do you think?



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