All Around India: Yadav

All Around India-Yadav

Do you remember a few months ago when our Sunday School teacher told us all about life in the state of Bihar, India? She told us a little bit about the Yadav people then, because many of them live in Bihar. But today, she told us more about how they live and who they are.

The Yadav live in many of the states in India. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, some are doctors and leaders among the people. But many of the Yadav have never heard of Jesus—not even once! Can you imagine what life would be like in a place where no one knows who Jesus is? When the people are sick, they try to make spirits happy and hope that one of them will help. When they are afraid, they have no one to trust and pray to. When they are sad, they don’t know that God is always in control and will one day make even the sad things fade away and make everything new and alive the way it was always meant to be.

I’m going to pray that every Yadav boy and girl, and all of their parents and families, hear about Jesus and learn to trust in Him. Will you pray with me?

“Dear God, I know that You love the Yadav people of India. I know that You care when they are sick, or sad, or afraid. Help them hear about You. Send people to tell them, and help the Yadav believe in You and trust You forever. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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