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Today we learned about a group of people called the Rajput that live in India. They live in many states of India including Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Back in the colonial period in India, when the country was ruled by Great Britain, the Rajput people lived in exotic fortresses high above the villages. They were the warriors, the brave soldiers who took care of the people and defended them from enemies. But in 1947, something changed in India. It became independent of Great Britain. The lands of Pakistan and Bangladesh were separated from India (though Bangladesh wouldn’t become its own country until later). Many people fled their homes, trying to find the safest place to live with so much around them changing.

That was sixty-seven years ago. Many of the Rajput grandparents and great-grandparents living in India today were children when the nation became independent. Since then, they have seen a lot of things change.

One of the things that has changed is that they are no longer the people in charge of taking care of the nation. They don’t live in their tall fortresses above the people any more. Instead, they live right beside everyone else. They run businesses and own land, but they are considered to be just like everyone else. They don’t get special treatment any more simply because they are Rajput. They even have to serve people who belong to lower castes, people who aren’t thought of as being special or worth respect.

This is very hard for many of the Rajput people to get used to. They are proud of their heritage and proud of the way their ancestors fought for and defended India. They hold on to their traditions and rituals however they can. One of the things that they hold on tightly to is the religion of their ancestors—Hinduism.

But Hinduism cannot give them peace. It cannot help them want to be humble and love the people they now serve. Those are things that need to change in the heart, and only God can truly change their hearts.

I’m going to pray that God will help all of the Rajput people to hear about Jesus. They need to hear how He left His home in Heaven to come all the way down to live here on earth with us. They need to hear how He loves them and gave His life for them, the most amazing way to serve someone ever. And they need Jesus to help them see that every person, no matter what caste or people group they belong to, is equal and special to Him. Will you pray with me?

“Dear God, it’s hard when things change in our lives. It’s hard for the Rajput people in India to get used to a new way of living. Please help them hear about Jesus and believe that He came and died for them and all the people of the world. Please help them understand that they can still help protect the people of India today by telling others about You and defeating the lies that attack people’s hearts. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Click here if you’d like to print this page about the Rajput.

Click here for copywork about humility.

Click here for a printable notebooking page about the Rajput.


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