All Around India: Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh-watermark

Our Sunday School teacher said she’s going to take us to India! Well, we can’t really go there—though I think it’d be a great place for a field trip. We’re going to go there by learning about the people who live there and finding out how we can pray for them.

India is a BIG country in lots of different ways. It is the seventh largest country in the entire world, but it has more people living there than any other country on earth except China! There are more than 2,500 different people groups living in India, and they speak more than 400 different languages.

There are twenty-eight states in India, plus seven places they call “union territories.” We’re going to start exploring India by meeting some of the people who live in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is the fifth-largest state in India, and it is the home of the Deccani peoples.

For hundreds of years, the Deccani people were in charge of this part of India. They were princes and royalty. The country became independent in 1947, and everything in the government changed. By 1948, the Deccani people were no longer the rulers of Andhra Pradesh. The people who were used to being in charge suddenly had to work alongside everyone else.

There are more than 87 million people living in Andhra Pradesh, but most of them do not know Jesus.

“Dear God, please help everyone living in Andhra Pradesh, including the Deccani, to hear about You. Help them understand that even though Jesus was the most special Prince of all, He came to Earth to live and work alongside people because He loved them so much. Help them know that He died for them and is alive today, and that they can live with Him if they trust Him. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Download a printable version of All Around India: Andhra Pradesh.

Download a notebooking page about India and Andhra Pradesh with questions for additional exploration.

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