Modern Witnesses: Xinjiang


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Do you remember a few weeks ago when I told you what our teacher taught us in Sunday School about the Uyghur people of China? Many of them live in a region called Xinjiang in northwest China. (You say that word like “SHIN-jyang.”) There is another group of Christians who live in Xinjiang who are Han Chinese.

Because of things that have happened in the history of the Xinjiang region, many of the Uyghur people don’t trust the Han Chinese people. They don’t want to get to know them or become their friends. They think the Han Chinese are only interested in controlling the land of Xinjiang.

This makes life for Han Chinese in Xinjiang who are Christians very hard. They know that Jesus loves every person, whether Uyghur, Han Chinese, or any other ethnicity. But when they try to tell the Uyghurs about Him, most Uyghurs won’t listen.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have people not trust you or want to be your friend just because of what family or group of people you are from? That must make the Han Chinese Christians feel awful.

I’m going to pray today that God would help the Han Chinese Christians keep loving the Uyghur people and sharing the Good News about Jesus with their neighbors. And I’m going to pray for the Uyghur people, too. Will you pray with me?

“Dear God, please help every person living in Xinjiang to know You and love You. Help the Han Chinese Christians to keep loving their Uyghur neighbors and showing them how much You love them, even when their neighbors don’t always understand. Help the Uyghur people to hear about how much You love them. Help them to listen to Uyghur Christians and Han Chinese Christians and join the one big family of believers that You are making. Thank You that in Your family it doesn’t matter where a person is from or what their ethnicity is. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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