Threatened: Modern Witnesses


*If you’d like to read the first post in the Modern Witnesses series, click here.

We’ve been talking about how hard it is for Christians in many countries to worship God the way they want to. Many of them are threatened, attacked, and persecuted because they refuse to stop following Jesus.

This morning, our Sunday School teacher brought a globe to class. We sat down on the floor and looked for all of the countries we’ve been learning about this year. As we remembered the stories we’ve heard and found the countries, we prayed for the Christians and their families. Will you find a map and pray with me?


Bhutan—A Short Story, Norbu’s Journey

Central African Republic

Egypt—Gamal Abdou Massoud

Egypt, Eritrea, and Ethiopia

India—Adivasi Tribal Christians

India—Ganda Christians


Iran—A Short Story, Yasmin’s Silent Song

Iran—Farshid Fathi

Iran—Mehdi Forootan

Iran—Mother Tongue Pastors

Iran—Saaed Abedini

Jesus—Who He Is


Laos—A Short Story, When Jesus Came to Laos


Maldives—Shijo Kokkattu

Nigeria—An Unidentified Woman




Sri Lanka

Uganda—Susan Ithungu

Uzbekistan—Pastor Makset

Vietnam—Nguyen Thi Lan

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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