What should I get Mom for Christmas?


Can you believe Christmas is just two weeks away! I still haven’t found the right present for my mom. I wanted it to be something really special. I went shopping last week, but I couldn’t afford the sewing machine she wanted. Mom loves to make things, but I just don’t know what to get her.

I’m going to see if I can find something to get her. I have $11.00 to spend. Let me see what I can find….

Oh! Look at this! I found a whole bunch of ways you can help people who need help and make a difference for only $11.00! I’m going to check it out. I think Mom loves to make a difference more than anything she makes on a sewing machine.

Help kids have the things they need to learn

Help kids and their families have safe homes to live in and warm clothes to wear

Help kids in the US who don’t have enough food to eat

A pair of chickens that will give a family in Asia lots of eggs to eat and chicks to sell

A pair of rabbits that will give a family in Asia lots of bunnies to sell

2,200 Gospel tracts for a missionary to give to people in Asia who don’t know how much Jesus loves them ($1.00 will provide 200!)

2 tambourines for missionaries in Asia to use to get the attention of villagers when they come to tell the people about Jesus

A flip chart (like a big picture book) for a missionary in Asia to use to tell people who can’t read the story of Jesus

Bibles for the people of Asia (one Bible is $3; eight New Testaments are $4)

Send a child in Asia to vacation Bible school so they can hear about Jesus (costs $5 to send one child)

A mosquito net that can protect people in Asia from dangerous malaria

A scale is a unique way for people in Asia to make money at the market (often helps people who cannot perform many other types of manual labor jobs)

Keep a child safe from parasites (microscopic bugs) that will make them sick

Provide garden seeds to families in Kenya so they can grow good, healthy food

“Dear God, please help each of us to find special gifts that we can give the people we love, even if we have $11.00 or no money at all to spend. Thank You for giving the most wonderful gift of all when You gave Your Son Jesus to come to earth so that we could be rescued from sin and live with You forever. Thank You so much! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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