Exploring Rajasthan, India


Today in Sunday School, we discovered the land of Rajasthan, in India. It’s a part of India that borders Pakistan. Part of Rajasthan is a desert—with sand and camels and everything. But, part of it has mountains and farms! What a combination!

And, there are many different people groups who live in Rajasthan. Like the  Shekhawati people. They have a noble history. They are descended from some of the mightiest rulers of India’s past. But, very few of them know the true King and Ruler of creation.

Then, there are the Marwari speaking people. They value honesty and trust in their business and personal relationships. And, many of them are skilled in building big businesses that make a profit. But, a lot of them still don’t understand how to build a kingdom that will last forever.

We learned about the Kota area of Rajasthan, the home of the Harauti speaking people, an unreached group of people who need to come to know the salvation Jesus Christ offers. They live without hope; they need the hope Jesus gives.

And, did you know that 100% of the Raigar people of Rajasthan, India, are believed to be Hindu? God’s Word is easy for them to have and read, but they have not responded to God’s love and grace.

The Meena people live in Rajasthan, too. They understand that wrong actions are punished. Payment must be made—in this life and the next. But, what most of the Meena people do not understand is that Jesus has already paid for the wrongs each of us has done. Anyone who wants to learn about His gift is free to. And, everyone is welcome to receive it.

“Dear God, please help the Shekhawati people to know You as the Lord of their lives. Help the Marwari speaking people learn about Your kingdom that will never end. Please send your message to the Harauti speaking people. Please help the Raigar people to read Your Word and understand how much You love them. And, please help the Meena people come to understand that they can have peace with You and with each other. Please help everyone in India to hear about Your love and trust You. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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