The A Che People of China

This morning, our Sunday School teacher taught us about a group of people called the A Che. The A Che people live mostly in southwest China, and they have very little contact with Christians. In fact, no one knows if there are any A Che people who believe in Jesus Christ. There are no Bibles in their language, and they cannot speak or read Chinese. They live in some very hard-to-reach places, far from anyone who could tell them about God’s love.

They believe in many different gods. They believe they used to be close to their gods but that their ability to communicate with them has been broken and they can no longer enter heaven.

Someone needs to tell the A Che about the one true God who made them. The A Che need to understand that our relationship with God has been broken because of our sin. Can you imagine how excited some of the A Che would be to learn that God made a way to fix our broken relationship with him?

Will you pray with me for the A Che?

“Dear God, please help the A Che people to hear the most wonderful news, that you sent Jesus to pay for our mistakes. Help them understand that because of Jesus, our relationship with God can be made right again. Help them know that God wants them to live with him forever, just the way he always intended. Thank you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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