She Never Learned to Read

My friend Noelle told me about a video she saw last week. It was about a woman in Asia who quit school when she was a little girl and grew up without ever learning to read. Noelle said that when she is a reporter someday, she wants to interview more women like the one in the video and share their stories so everyone can find out how they can pray for them.

Can you imagine never learning to read? The woman was embarrassed at church, because she couldn’t read her Bible along with the pastor. And, she was sad, too, because she knew that reading the Bible and learning God’s Word was the best way to learn more about God.

But, when she was a little girl, her family was very poor. They didn’t have electricity or television—they didn’t even have good water to drink. She had to walk several miles to go to school, and she didn’t have nice clothes to wear. The other kids made fun of her. One day, she wasn’t able to turn in her homework because she didn’t have any paper. The teacher was so upset that he punished her in front of the whole class. She was so embarrassed she refused to go to school any more.

So, she grew up and got married, but she never learned to read or write, until a ministry came to help the people learn about God. They also taught the women how to read and write. The woman is so happy now, because she can learn more about God and memorize His Word. And, knowing God’s Word helps her not to be scared when she has to walk home in the dark after her literacy class.

I think it’s wonderful that this woman learned how to read the Bible! Noelle told me the video said that over two hundred and fifty million women in South Asia can’t read! I can’t imagine how many people that is! Can you? Will you pray with me, that every one of those women will learn how to read and understand how very much Jesus loves them?

“Dear God, please help the women in South Asia who cannot read the Bible and see for themselves all the wonderful ways You have shown us that You love us. Please help them to learn to read and not be embarrassed any more. And, please help the people who can read to help the people who can’t and not make fun of them. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Parents and educators: If you’d like to see the video Nicole shared with Jake, please see my Parents and Educators page.

For a printable copy of today’s story, click here.

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