What is a mosaic?

This morning, our Sunday School teacher told us what a mosaic is. The word “mosaic” can mean several different things. Usually, it refers to one whole something that is made up of smaller pieces. It can be a big picture made up of tiny tiles. Or, it can be one big country made up of smaller pieces—states, counties, families, individuals. All come together to make up one country.

She said Laos, where Kham and Vieng’s story happened, is like a mosaic. Lots of different groups of people living in many different places. Some live in the mountains. Some live in the valleys. Some of them believe in Jesus. Most of them do not. Then, she gave us a puzzle to put together, a mosaic map of Laos. I prayed for the people of Laos each time I found the spot one of the pieces went.

“Dear God, please help all the people of Laos, whether they live in the mountains, the valleys, or the cities, to hear how very much You love them. Help them believe in You, and please give them the courage to trust You and do what You say, no matter what. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

If you’d like to try to put together a mosaic puzzle of Laos, you can try the 15-piece or the 42-piece one. Just print whichever one you want to put together. It will be easier to put the puzzle together if you use cardstock paper. Cut it out on the dark lines. Then, have fun! And, don’t forget to say a prayer for the people of Laos.

Laos-15 piece puzzle

Laos-42 piece puzzle

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