Bangladesh-People Groups Word Search

This morning in Sunday School, we learned the story Jesus told about how God is like a shepherd who has 100 sheep.  But, when one goes missing, he leaves the 99 behind and goes looking for that lost one.  And, when He finds it, he is so happy and excited!  He knows when one of His precious sheep is lost, and He doesn’t stop looking until He finds it and brings it home.

Then our teacher told us that in Bangladesh, there are over 300 different people groups who live there.  Do you remember when she told us about people groups before?  She said a people group is a group of people who share things like the same language or history or geographic area they live in.  And, most of the people in Bangladesh are lost, like the missing sheep.  They don’t know how much Jesus loves them or how much He wants them to come and live with Him forever.

This morning, we worked on a word search, looking for a few of the people groups who live in Bangladesh.  I didn’t quite finish mine, so I’m going to work on it now.  Every time I find one of the missing groups of people, I celebrate.  Then, I say a prayer and ask God to find the lost people and bring them home to Him, just like the missing sheep.

“Dear God, please continue to find the lost people in Bangladesh and bring them home to live with You forever.  And, help us celebrate each time we hear that You found one!  Thank You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

Click here for the Bangladesh-People Groups Word Search: Bangladesh-People Groups Word Search

Click here for the Word Search Answer Key: Bangladesh-People Groups Word Search Answer Key

Click here if you would like a printable version of today’s lesson: Bangladesh-People Groups July 15, 2012-printable

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