Remember the Rohingya Craft Project

This week in Sunday School, we made an art project that we could take home.  Our teacher said that every time we saw it, it should remind us to pray for the Rohingya people.  Each of us made a picture out of different supplies.  I picked crayon shavings for my picture.  Noelle made hers out of beads.  Sam used buttons, and Tina used pom-poms.

For each of the supplies we picked, the teacher gave us each lots of brown and other dark colors, a tiny bit of blue, and some bright yellow.  I made a long, skinny area out of the brown shavings to show the sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazar.  Then, I used the other dark colors to make the walls of the refugee camps the Rohingya have to live in.  I put the tiny bit of blue inside the camp, because the people don’t always have very much water to drink.  The bright yellow reminded me of sunshine, and that reminded me of God and His Son.  So, I put most of the yellow outside the camp, but I put a little bit inside, to show God’s love coming to the Rohingya people.

“Dear God, please help me remember to pray for the Rohingya, when I see my picture, or drink clean, cold water, or enjoy the sunshine.  Please send them the water and the love they need.  And, please help each of them to hear about how Jesus left His home in Heaven to come and save them, and please help them understand how much You love them.  Thank You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

Are you looking for the answers to last week’s puzzle?  You can find them here: Who are the Rohingya Answer Key-printable

If you would enjoy a printable version of today’s craft project, click here: Remember the Rohingya Craft project

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