So Many People

Our Sunday School teacher taught us more about Nepal today and the people who live there.  And, she taught us about something called a “people group.”  She said a people group is a group of people who share things like the same language or history or geographic area they live in.  She said there are over 300 different people groups who live in Nepal.   And, she said most of them only have a few, if any, Christians.

That is so sad!  She told us about the Kharia people, who live in a tiny area of Nepal.  She also showed us a picture of an Ansari woman.  She was very pretty, with dark hair and a pretty silk dress.  She had big bracelets on her wrist.  And, so many of the Kharia and Ansari people don’t know Jesus.  They don’t know how much He loves them, or that He died so they can live.

Then, she gave us a challenge.  She said the capital city of Nepal is called Kathmandu, and she showed us where to find it on a map.  She wants us to try to find a people group to go with each letter of the word “Kathmandu.”  So, I wrote it down like this:









U-(She said we might have trouble finding a group for U.)

I could use Kharia for K and Ansari for A, but I think I’m going to try to find people groups I haven’t learned anything about, yet.  Our teacher said is a great place to start reading about the many different people and learning how we can pray for them.

I’m going to see what I can learn.  Would you try it, too, and let me know what you find out?

“Dear God, please help all the people groups of Nepal to hear about Jesus and understand that He is the only way to know You and live with You.  Help me remember to pray for all the people of Nepal.  Thank You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

If you’d like to print this project to work on, click here: So Many People

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