A Call for Help

Our teacher told us a very sad story today about the Nuristani people who live in Afghanistan.  They held on to their ancient religions for a very long time.  Then, in 1865, they asked Christians to come and teach them about Jesus.  But no Christian arrived.  In 1895, armies defeated the Nuristani soldiers and forced everyone to become Muslim.  The people of Nuristan have been Muslims ever since.

Why didn’t anyone go tell the Nuristani about Jesus?  We don’t know.  Maybe someone tried but wasn’t able to get there.  They live in a place that is very hard to get to, full of high mountains and deep valleys.  Or, maybe no one even tried.

That made me think about the people I know.  The Nuristani called for help, they asked people to tell them about Jesus.  They never got an answer.  Do I know anyone who is asking me to help them understand more about Jesus?  Am I answering them?  Who do you know who needs help learning more about Jesus?  Will you help them?

“Dear God, please help the Nuristani people of Afghanistan.  Please help them call for help again.  Please bring Christians to them who will tell them about Jesus’ love for them and bring Your Word to them.  And, please help me, God.  Help me study Your Word more and be ready to help people I know understand more about You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

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