When Jesus Came to Laos-Final Chapter

Happy Easter!

This morning, in Sunday School, we got to read the end of Thao’s story.  It made me think about when Jesus appeared to His friends after He rose from the dead.  Even though they were scared and sad, He went looking for them.  He found them and helped them understand and believe.

You can read the rest of Thao’s story here.  When Jesus Came to Laos-Week Four

Sunday School this morning also made me think a lot about Jesus’ story in the Bible.  It started out so perfect, then it became so terrible, but then, Jesus made it wonderful again!  We talked about how, when God created the world and people, He lived with them. They talked and walked and did all sorts of things together. He gave people one rule to follow. Just one. But they broke it. And when they did, they broke the relationship they had with God. And they broke everything about the world. Things stopped working right. Plants stopped growing right. All of a sudden, they couldn’t live with God anymore.  What would it feel like to be separated from the one person you love more than anyone else?

It hurt, a lot. And it hurt God. God knew they couldn’t fix it. It was too big of a mess. So, later in history, He made a way to fix it. He came back and lived with people again. He came as Jesus. But, Jesus kept the rules. He never broke God’s rules all of His life. And then, in the most amazing moment in history, He died and took the punishment all people deserved for all the rules they had broken. And, He took the punishment for all the people who would live later in history, even you and me today.  That’s what we remember on Good Friday.

But, that wasn’t the end of the story!  If Jesus’ story ended there, it would be the saddest story in history. But, God made it the most wonderful. Jesus didn’t stay dead! Death and the broken rules were no match for Him! He came back to life and lived again with the people He loved more than anything! Jesus promised He would stay with us and live with us in a special way until the day when He brings us all together to live the way we were always supposed to. But, if we want to be part of that special day, we have to ask Jesus to make us part of it. We have to tell Him that we are sorry for breaking His rules and ask Him to forgive us because Jesus already took our punishment. We have to ask Him to live with us and help us live like He wants us to. You can talk to God anytime and anywhere. You might want to say something like: Dear God, I know I have done things I shouldn’t have. I’ve made a mess of things. But, I believe that you love me and want to live with me. I believe Jesus already took the punishment I deserve. Please forgive me and live with me. Help me learn more about You. Thank You. I love you, too. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, go talk to someone you know who loves Jesus. Tell them that you have asked God to forgive you and live with you. Read a Bible. Keep praying. Tell God you need lots of help learning more about Him. And He will help you! He promised!

Questions: Have you ever been made fun of for believing in Jesus?  How does it make you feel?  How do you think it makes Jesus feel?

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