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When Jesus Came to Laos-Part One

Our teacher gave us a story to read this morning about a boy in Laos.  She said it’s not a story that actually happened, like you see on the news.  But, she said it would help us find out what life is like for Christian kids in Laos because it was written based on things that have happened.  I really liked Part One–it’s about a boy named Thao, a buried treasure (that wasn’t such a treasure), a hidden Bible, and strangers finding his village.  I put Part One of the story here for you.  She said she’ll let us read Part Two next week.

When Jesus Came to Laos-Part One

I wonder why Thao’s mom would hide the Bible.  And who could be coming up the mountain?  What do you think?


I just found out that there are people living in a country called Bhutan that didn’t have television until 1999!  I can’t imagine that!  Our teacher said the king wanted to protect his people.  He thought TV was dangerous and would make his people want to do things that were wrong.  I know some shows might do that—but no TV at all!

The king wants his people to be happy.  He keeps a close eye on everything that happens.  He doesn’t let many people come in and visit from other countries.  But what the king doesn’t realize is what keeps his people from being truly happy is that they don’t know Jesus loves them or that He died and came back to life.  They are Buddhists, and they think the way to get to paradise is to say special prayers over and over and over again.  They never know if they’ve said enough or done enough.  And many of them have never even heard of Jesus.

“Dear God, please help the people of Bhutan.  Please help the king see that You are the only One who can really protect him and his people.  Please help every person in Bhutan to hear about Jesus and what He did for us.  And, please help them to believe in You as Savior so that they can go to Heaven and truly be happy forever.  Thank you.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”