China-Dai Lu

Today, our teacher told us about the Water Throwing Festival.  I’d never heard of such a thing.  Because of an old legend, the Dai Lu people in China have a festival at the beginning of every year called the Water Throwing Festival.  They splash water on each other in order to try to wash away their sins.  Then, during the new year, they do as many good things as they can so they won’t be punished after they die.

Most of them don’t know that water can’t wash away our sins.  Only Jesus’ death and His resurrection can save us.  He washes us clean from all the wrong we have done.  And He helps us do good things because we love Him, not because we’re afraid of being punished.

“Dear God, please help the Dai Lu people.  Please help them learn that water can’t take away their sins—only You can.  Please help them learn about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and help them to trust You to take them to Heaven after they die and not be afraid.  Thank You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

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