New Year in North Korea

North Korea has been in the news a lot.  Their leader, Kim Jong Il died, and the country will have a lot of changes.  No one is sure exactly what his son, Kim Jong Un, or the new government will do.

North Korea is a very dangerous place to be a Christian.  A person can be sentenced to death for just having a Bible or saying “Jesus.”  Christians who live in North Korea risk their lives every time they tell someone about how much Jesus loves them and that He is the only God.  It hasn’t always been that way in North Korea.  It’s capital city, called Pyongyang, used to have many Christians.  But that all changed many years ago.

“Dear God, please help the people of North Korea.  Please help the ones who believe in You to be brave and keep on loving You even though they could be killed.  As this new year begins, please bring a new change to North Korea.  Please bring all the people the freedom to learn about You and follow You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

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