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Beja of Africa

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Red Sea lately.  Today, in Sunday School, we read about Moses dividing the Red Sea.  Last Thursday, I heard about it in history class.  There’s a group of people called the Beja that live along the coast of the Red Sea in Africa.  Most of them live in the areas of Sudan and South Sudan.  Some of them used to be Christians a very long time ago, but now there are only a few who believe in Jesus.

Their language is very hard to learn.  And there aren’t any Bibles written in it yet.  Because the people don’t know Jesus, they are very afraid of evil spirits.  A few Beja can speak other languages and have read Bibles written in those languages.  They have learned about Jesus and tried to tell the other Beja about Him.  But, can you imagine knowing there is a Book out there that teaches you everything you need to know about God—and not being able to read it?

“Dear God, please help the Beja people.  Just like You made a way for Your people to get across the Red Sea, please make a way for the Beja people to learn about You.  Help them know how much You love them, and help them not to be afraid.  Thank You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

China and the Ladakhi

The snow is everywhere!  I love snow!  I told my mom once that I wanted to live in the Himalayan mountains.  She didn’t go for the idea.  But, I think I might ask her again.  I found out there is a place there where it hardly ever snows!  At Sunday School, our teacher told us about a place high in the Himalayan mountains where there is actually a desert.  There’s a place, between India and China, where it doesn’t rain much at all, and they only get three inches of snow a year or less!  There’s a group of people who live there called the Ladakhi.  And when they need water to water their crops, they actually hope for the sun to shine and melt some of the glaciers all around them.  I can’t imagine being surrounded by ice and snow but living in a desert.  I always thought deserts were hot and dry.  But this desert is cold and dry!

A long time ago, a major trading route called the Silk Road went through the area the Ladakhi live in.  Missionaries came, and the people had lots of opportunities to learn about Jesus.  But, today, there aren’t many Ladakhi who believe in Jesus.  Our teacher reminded us of the place in John where Jesus said He is the Living Water.  I think that’s something people living in a desert would want to know more about.

“Dear God, please help the Ladakhi people believe in You.  Show them how, just like they need the water to feed their crops so they can live, they need You and Your life in their hearts so they can really live, now and forever.  Please help them understand.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

PS-Do you like this picture?  I do.  This picture is from a range of mountains that neighbor the Himalayans, called the Karakoram Range.  Like the land of the Ladakhi, it has high peaks, steep sides, and huge glaciers.

New Year in North Korea

North Korea has been in the news a lot.  Their leader, Kim Jong Il died, and the country will have a lot of changes.  No one is sure exactly what his son, Kim Jong Un, or the new government will do.

North Korea is a very dangerous place to be a Christian.  A person can be sentenced to death for just having a Bible or saying “Jesus.”  Christians who live in North Korea risk their lives every time they tell someone about how much Jesus loves them and that He is the only God.  It hasn’t always been that way in North Korea.  It’s capital city, called Pyongyang, used to have many Christians.  But that all changed many years ago.

“Dear God, please help the people of North Korea.  Please help the ones who believe in You to be brave and keep on loving You even though they could be killed.  As this new year begins, please bring a new change to North Korea.  Please bring all the people the freedom to learn about You and follow You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”